Thailand's Beautiful Beaches

Thailand’s Beautiful Beaches: A Guide to the Best Ones

Looking for a breathtaking beach vacation? Thailand is the perfect destination! With its world-famous beaches and crystal-clear waters, Thailand offers something for everyone. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of Thailand’s beautiful beaches and provide information on what makes them so special. So pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and get ready for an amazing beach holiday!

Thailand is a paradise for beachgoers, boasting clear turquoise waters, white powdery sand, and breathtaking scenery at every turn. Among the country’s many beaches, Railay Beach, Surin Beach, Kata Beach, and Lamai Beach are just some of the stand out as must-see spots for visitors looking to really make the most of their time in Thailand. 

Key Takeaways

  • The best beaches in Thailand are located on islands in the south, such as Koh Samui, Phuket, and Krabi.
  • Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From calm and secluded spots where you can just relax and soak up the sun, to vibrant, lively beaches with bars and watersports, there’s something for everyone.
  • Pattaya is a popular destination for tourists and offers many different beaches, each with its own charm.
Thailand's Beautiful Beaches

Thailand is home to a spectacular array of beaches, and for many travelers, it’s an ideal destination for soaking up the sun and enjoying some of nature’s most beautiful offerings.

From tropical islands teeming with nightlife to remote stretches of sand fringed with cliffs, Thailand has something to suit every beach enthusiast. In this blog post, we will be providing readers with a comprehensive guide to the best beaches in Thailand.

Here you’ll find information on different types of beaches, their respective location, activities they offer, and also provide tips on accommodations nearby. Whether you’re seeking peace and tranquility or party vibes – we’ve got you covered. So come along on this journey as we explore the stunning beauty of Thailand’s many coastal retreats. 

Thailand’s Beaches: Why Are They So Special? 

1. Variety

Thailand is a destination renowned for its stunning beaches, and it’s easy to see why. They vary from small, secret coves with white-sand shores that disappear beneath crystal-clear water to big, bustling spots complete with restaurants, bars, and activities. Thrillseekers can find remote islands where windsurfing and kitesurfing are the order of the day; couples can spend quality time together in secluded bays; and families can make memories at larger swimming spots blessed with calm waves. The diversity of beaches on offer in Thailand guarantees vacationers can find something special, no matter how diverse their needs are.

2. Accessibility

Most Thai beaches are easily accessible, allowing you to reach them by car, bus, or train. Not only do these modes of transportation give you the option to travel by yourself, but they also allow you to meet new people along the way.

3. Water activities

Thailand’s beaches are known for their water activities, including snorkeling, jet skiing, and windsurfing. If you’re looking for something more relaxing than these activities, try parasailing or simply lying on the beach.

4. Nightlife

Thailand’s beaches are world-renowned for their breathtaking beauty and lively atmosphere. From secluded, pristine strips of sand surrounded by lush foliage to bustling hotspots outlined with rocks and vibrant coral reefs, there is something here to suit every beachgoer. But it is the nightlife that really sets Thailand’s beaches apart from other tropical destinations.

While lounging on the white sands during the day might be enough for some, those seeking an unforgettable evening can walk along the shore and be immersed in a thriving party scene full of live music, pulsing bars, and delicious restaurants. With fire twirlers and other performers creating a truly electric atmosphere, there is no better place to experience paradise after dark than on the stunning beaches of Thailand.

5. Luxury resorts

There are many luxury resorts throughout Thailand, and they’re all very different from each other. The best way to find the perfect resort for your needs is by doing some research online or talking to a travel agent.

Take a look at a youtube video exploring the best beaches in Thailand. The turquoise waters and white sands of these stunning beaches will make you want to jump into the ocean! Enjoy a morning stroll, an afternoon swim, or catch the sunset in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Phuket Beaches

A visit to Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, promises an unforgettable experience. At 48 km long and 21 km wide at its widest point, Phuket is blessed with a beautiful landscape, with magnificent bays and coves fringed by white sand beaches and small islands in the Andaman Sea along the Indian Ocean coast. The culture is equally inviting; The blend of Chinese-Portuguese architecture gives the city a unique charm, while the hospitable locals make you feel right at home.

There’s no shortage of things to do either; enjoy beach activities like sailing and snorkeling, explore some of our great golf courses and take advantage of a variety of sports and leisure activities. And don’t forget to check out Patong beach, Kaya beach, and Surin beach – considered one of the best in Thailand. For an even more memorable experience check out one of our great submarine tours! With so much on offer, there really is something for everyone in Phuket.

1. Patong Beach

Visitors to Patong Beach are sure to have a memorable experience. With its 3 km stretch of golden sand, the beach is rightfully famed as one of Phuket’s top tourist attractions. Visitors can relax on the sand and enjoy a refreshing drink or snack in the shade of the coconut, palm, and tropical almond trees that border the beach.

Those looking for a more active experience can partake in any number of water activities offered by jet ski operators and boat drivers, while masseuses offer beachgoers an opportunity to unwind and destress after a fun day. Along with great food options at local restaurants and bars situated near the Bangla Road entrance in the center of the beach, it’s no wonder Patong Beach is one of Phuket’s crown jewels.

2. Kata Beach 

Kata Beach is a stunning oasis on the west side of Phuket island that has been drawing visitors in droves to its sun-kissed shores. With a sugary soft sandy bay, an impeccably turquoise sea, and an iconic island standing tall in the distance – it’s not hard to see why so many flocks to Kata Beach as one of the most visited beaches in Phuket after Patong Beach.

Take note though, that 90% of the 1.5-kilometer beachfront is taken up by Club Med Resort, meaning most restaurants, stores, and hotels won’t be located directly on the beach but rather line up along the backroad which stretches for 2 kilometers along Kata’s shore. So grab your camera and head on down for some absolutely breathtaking views during sunset – you won’t regret it!

3. Surin Beach 

Surin Beach in Phuket is an absolute paradise for any beachgoer who dreams of sunbathing on fine and white sand, admiring the beauty of the Andaman Sea, and engaging in a variety of summer activities. From crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling and kayaking to choppy waves ideal for boogie-boarding and surfing, it’s safe to say that this picturesque beach has something for everyone.

Visiting Surin Beach is also like taking a stroll through Millionaire’s Row as you explore the boutique shops, luxurious resorts, and upscale residences intersected between. However, in contrast to its idyllic setting, swimmers should be aware that strong currents can appear during the low season – making it important to take safety precautions when swimming during those periods.

Koh Samui Beaches

Samui is a stunning island that is a must-see for anyone traveling to Thailand. With more than 80 islands and the majestic Ang Thong National Marine Park, you’ll be able to get close to nature in so many ways. While it’s small enough to explore the entire island within a few hours, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy ranging from kayaking in the park to lazing away at one of the beautiful beaches like Chaweng, Lamai, Taling Ngam, or Natien.

Those looking for a richer cultural experience will also find plenty of historical sites dotted around the island, making Samui an ideal destination for those who long for something different.

4. Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is undoubtedly one of Koh Samui’s biggest attractions, known for its picturesque 5-kilometer stretch of powdery white sand. Wrapped within headlands on either end and with the enchanting island of Koh Matlam visible to the north, Chaweng has served as the cornerstone for the development of tourism on the island in recent decades. Visitors will find all kinds of activities available here – from swimming and various water sports to restaurants, bars, cafes, and accommodation options.

During peak season, tourists can laze around in their sunbeds, relax with a massage or refresh with fresh coconuts from vendors that line the shoreline. Indeed, Chaweng beach offers something to suit all needs – whether you are looking for some peaceful alone time or fun under the sun by the clear waters!

5. Lamai Beach

The picturesque Lamai Beach beckons beachgoers with its serene crescent of white sand and crystal-clear blue waters. If relaxation is on the agenda, visitors can kick back under one of the tall palm trees and take in stunning views of the coast. The central stretch of water off the beach is known for its deeper hue, making it ideal for swimming, paddling, and other watersports.

Those seeking a more solitary experience can venture away from the more popular areas, nestling into quiet spots shielded by the swaying fronds of nearby palms.

6. Bophut Beach 

Bophut Beach is a well-known coastal town on the north coast of Samui Island. It runs several kilometers between Big Buddha and Maenam Beach and has its origins as the Fisherman’s Village. It has rapidly grown in popularity due to its Mediterranean vibe; this may have something to do with the fact that it was once a French outpost on the island.

Along this stretch of beach, visitors can find old wooden Chinese shophouses in addition to modern buildings interestingly matching their tone. Furthermore, boutique shops offer quality clothing and jewelry making Fisherman’s Village one of the finest destinations for beachgoers looking for an extra special experience.

Krabi Beaches

Krabi is renowned for its breathtaking views and pristine beaches, as well as its world-famous coral reef vistas, making it a top spot for coral diving. However, attractions in Krabi encompass much more than just gorgeous scenery. Hot springs, a wildlife sanctuary, and sea caves are sure to keep visitors entertained. Limestone cliffs have also made the city a popular destination for rock-climbing enthusiasts from around the globe.

Additionally, there are several national parks located close by including Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta that allow visitors the chance to enjoy some paradise seclusion on an island. To cap off any stay here, Krabi boasts some spectacular sunsets that can be enjoyed anywhere from the beach to an outdoor restaurant or bar with often accompanying cloud-to-cloud lightning displays to dazzle viewers even further.

7. Railay Beach 

Railay Beach is a dream come true for any traveler visiting Krabi. Splendid emerald waters and lush rock formations create an idyllic landscape that is sure to take one’s breath away. The sand is silky smooth, making the sea inviting and wonderful for swimming, while visitors can also lounge in the sun on the beach or trade stories with other travelers.

When evening arrives, enjoy a dramatic sunset that serves as a prelude to captivating fire shows during the high season. Relaxation isn’t hard either with several nearby restaurants providing savory food and refreshing drinks, best enjoyed while admiring the hillside views of Railay Beach.

8. Tonsai Beach 

If you’re looking for a non-touristy place in Thailand, you should visit Tonsai Beach. Located in the Krabi province and only accessible by boat, this small village offers stunning beauty and local charm that is hard to beat.

Despite being overshadowed by its neighboring places Ao Nang and Railay (which are immensely popular amongst climbers and BASE jumpers), this lesser-known area makes up for its rustic atmosphere, offering plenty of peace and quiet amidst the larger tourist hubs. You can easily find yourself spending much more time than initially planned here; perhaps linger a day longer or maybe even a whole week!

9. Ao Nang Beach 

Ao Nang Beach is a truly spectacular beach in Krabi Province, renowned for its stunning scenery and myriad attractions. Not only does it offer the opportunity for sunbathing and swimming, but visitors can also take a boat from Ao Nang Beach to nearby attractions such as Mu Koh Phi Phi, Railay Beach, and the Separated Sea.

For those looking for an active experience, there are plenty of water-based activities on offer including diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Plus, with breathtaking views of the limestone mountain on the coast or at the river mouth between Ao Nang Beach and Noppharat Thara Beach, this paradise will satisfy even the most discerning traveler.

As far as accommodation goes, Ao Nang has something for all budgets – ranging from budget hotels right through to mini resorts providing luxury amongst this incredible backdrop.

Koh Phi Phi Beaches

An archipelago of 6 islands, 45 minutes away from the Thai mainland, makes Phi Phi an ideal destination for a tropical getaway. With two main islands, Phi Phi Don and uninhabited Phi Phi Leh, offering something different to explore! From the first sight of its picture postcard beaches and blue waters, you understand why this is such a famous spot in Southeast Asia.

Not only is its bohemian vibes perfect for beach relaxation but also exciting activities such as snorkeling and diving in the clear waters. It’s no surprise that hundreds of travelers choose this destination for its breathtaking vistas and serene atmosphere of nature at its best. Chi chi really does have it all – stunning rock formations and crystal clear bays, exemplary of a classic paradise escape.

10. Maya Bay

With its lush and emerald green forests filled with coconut trees, Maya Bay is an utterly breathtaking seascape. It is surrounded by 100-meter-high cliffs, creating the perfect shelter for an idyllic paradise on earth. At low tide, you can discover some of the secluded beaches around the bay. While the main beach spans for a length of 200 meters along a hypogeal coast of white shimmery sand, several other small strips open only at low tide.

This majestic scenery doesn’t end above sea level rather it extends underwater too as the bay features a rich array of coral and vibrant fish species in impossibly clear waters. Indeed, Maya Bay truly deserves to be hailed as one of nature’s greatest and most picturesque marvels!

11. Loh Dalum Bay

Loh Dalum beach on Koh Phi Phi is well known as a party destination, attracting visitors from all over the world during the tourist season. Usually, the beach can become quite crowded between mid-morning and into the night – a testament to its reputation! Fortunately for those looking for privacy or an opportunity to view the island’s natural beauty undisturbed, it is possible to get the beach to yourself by being an early bird.

The best time to enjoy a peaceful morning by Loh Dalum is before 10 a.m. when many visitors tend to stay in bed after their late-night festivities. With picture-perfect landscapes still glistening with dew, admirers of this beautiful island can maximize their experience on Koh Phi Phi and have a mini piece of paradise all for themselves.

12. Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay (Ao Ling) offers a stunningly beautiful getaway for beachgoers in search of a paradise-like retreat. Located near the entrance of Dalum Bay on Phi Phi Don Island, it is a small cove with breathtaking views and enchanting surroundings.

The sand beneath your feet is thicker and bright yellow, providing a delightful contrast to the picturesque coral reef just 50 meters away from the shore, waiting to be explored through mesmerizing snorkeling experiences. With passionate sunsets setting over this majestic bay, visitors will have plenty of time to appreciate its precious coastline and unique landscape.

And if you’re thinking of going to these beaches, it’s essential to know the Climate in Thailand so you can plan accordingly, read an article that I wrote which explains it all.

Thailand’s Beautiful Beaches FAQs

Which is the most beautiful beach in Thailand?

It goes without saying that the most beautiful beach in Thailand is Railay Beach. Located on a small peninsula surrounded by towering cliffs and mysterious caves, it is truly a sight for sore eyes. Walking along the pristine white sand beaches will make anyone feel like they are walking on clouds while taking a dip in one of its lagoon-like swimming areas will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Immerse yourself in its jungle backdrop, limestone formations, and glorious turquoise waters to be enchanted by this magical place that is truly unforgettable.

Which part of Thailand has the best beaches?

For travelers searching out the best beaches in Thailand, look no further than Krabi province. On Railay Beach, one can find beautiful palm-fringed white sand and mesmerizing turquoise waters that will take your breath away.

What is the famous beach in Thailand?

Pattaya beach is one of the most famous beaches in Thailand. Located on the east coast of Thailand, this beach is a popular destination for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts alike. With its clear waters and strong waves perfect for surfing and windsurfing, it is no wonder why Pattaya beach has earned its reputation as one of the best beaches in all of Thailand.

Why Pattaya Beach is famous?

Pattaya Beach has a special place in the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. It is an exciting place for water sports activities, like jet skiing and banana boat rides. Tourists come here to take in the stunning views of the beautiful blue sea, relax on the pristine white sand beach and explore its unique sights.

Additionally, it offers many options for visitors looking for great food, shopping, and nightlife opportunities. With its perfect combination of activities and visuals, it is not difficult to see why Pattaya Beach is extremely popular among all sorts of travelers.

Is Thailand better than Bali?

When it comes to traveling abroad on a budget, both Thailand and Bali have something special to offer. Thailand offers travelers an array of vibrant cities, stunning beaches, and incredible food all at very reasonable prices, especially when visiting outside of peak season. Bali has plenty of attractions too; its abundant cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and diverse range of activities make it a popular destination for many.

At the end of the day, though, tourists looking for amazing experiences on a tight budget are more likely to find more bang for their buck in Thailand rather than in Bali.


Thailand is world-renowned for its gorgeous beaches, and rightfully so! From the turquoise waters to the white sandy shores, there’s no shortage of beauty here. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, be sure to check out our guide to the best beaches in the country. We’ve got all the information you need to know about where to go and what to expect when you get there. And if you’re looking for more than just beach advice, subscribe to our newsletter for the best information about living in Thailand.

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